[Spce-user] Error message

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Wed Jan 18 10:35:37 EST 2017

Hi all,

Do you install NGCP using our install CD,
or using ngcp-installer.deb way?

Please use our Install CD
> https://www.sipwise.org/doc/mr5.0.1/spce/ar01s03.html#_using_the_ngcp_install_cd_recommended

NOTE: Jessie-based NGCP doesn't support systemd.
It is still SysV based. You might have an issues with systemd disabling
if some components with dependency on systemd have been installed
already. (I believe it is your case here, while I need logs requested by
Mika to be sure).

The second your issue is something new:

On 01/18/2017 04:16 PM, Cedric Le wrote:
> fatal: unable to auto-detect email address (got 'root at sipwise-lab.(none)')

The domain name "(none)" contains not allowed characters "(" and ")"
for some reason, IMHO. Local misconfiguration?

Alex Lutay

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