[Spce-user] Users cannot retrieve messages from voicemail

Greg Chlopowiec gregch at usip.ca
Mon Apr 16 21:56:52 EDT 2018



Subscribers cannot retrieve their voicemail messages:



-          Remote user leaves a message for the subscriber

-          Subscriber calls 2000 to retrieve their messages and hears the
announcement "You have two new messages"

-          Subscriber dial 1 to retrieve messages

-          Subscriber hears "First message received" and the call ends.



Output from # asterisk -vvvvvr (phone numbers and ip addresses have been
changed for privacy reasons)


Connected to Asterisk 13.14.1~dfsg-2+deb9u3 currently running on spce (pid =

  == Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5

       > 0x7f79a0000940 -- Strict RTP learning after remote address set to:

    -- Executing [abc15559898 at sip_in:1] NoOp("SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a", "")
in new stack

    -- Executing [abc15559898 at sip_in:2] Set("SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a",
"__LANG=en") in new stack

    -- Executing [abc15559898 at sip_in:3] Set("SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a",
"CHANNEL(language)=en") in new stack

    -- Executing [abc15559898 at sip_in:4] Gosub("SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a",
"voicemailowner_nopass,s,1(15559898)") in new stack

    -- Executing [s at voicemailowner_nopass:1]
Answer("SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a", "") in new stack

       > 0x7f79a0000940 -- Strict RTP switching to RTP target address as source

    -- Executing [s at voicemailowner_nopass:2] Set("SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a",
"TIMEOUT(digit)=5") in new stack

    -- Digit timeout set to 5.000

    -- Executing [s at voicemailowner_nopass:3] Set("SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a",
"TIMEOUT(response)=10") in new stack

    -- Response timeout set to 10.000

    -- Executing [s at voicemailowner_nopass:4] Wait("SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a",
"1") in new stack

    -- Executing [s at voicemailowner_nopass:5]
VoiceMailMain("SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a", "s15559898") in new stack

[Apr 16 21:23:52] NOTICE[30212][C-0000000a]: apps/app_voicemail.c:4193
find_user_realtime_by_alias: Found mailbox '15559898' for alias '15559898'

    -- <SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a> Playing 'vm-youhave.alaw' (language 'en')

       > 0x7f79a0000940 -- Strict RTP learning complete - Locking on source

    -- <SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a> Playing 'digits/2.alaw' (language 'en')

    -- <SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a> Playing 'vm-INBOX.alaw' (language 'en')

    -- <SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a> Playing 'vm-messages.alaw' (language 'en')

    -- <SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a> Playing 'vm-onefor.alaw' (language 'en')

    -- <SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a> Playing 'vm-INBOX.alaw' (language 'en')

    -- <SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a> Playing 'vm-messages.alaw' (language 'en')

    -- <SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a> Playing 'vm-opts.alaw' (language 'en')

    -- <SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a> Playing 'vm-first.alaw' (language 'en')

  == Parsing
INBOX/msg0000.txt': Found

    -- <SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a> Playing 'vm-message.alaw' (language 'en')

    -- <SIP/sip_proxy-0000000a> Playing 'vm-received.alaw' (language 'en')

[Apr 16 21:24:04] WARNING[30212][C-0000000a]: file.c:774
ast_openstream_full: File digits/today does not exist in any format

[Apr 16 21:24:04] WARNING[30212][C-0000000a]: file.c:1247 ast_streamfile:
Unable to open digits/today (format (alaw)): No such file or directory

[Apr 16 21:24:04] WARNING[30212][C-0000000a]: apps/app_playback.c:163
s_streamwait3: Unable to play message digits/today

  == Spawn extension (voicemailowner_nopass, s, 5) exited non-zero on

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