[Spce-user] Sipwise Call Drop 32 sec

stefanormc stefanormc at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 12:59:07 EDT 2018

I had similar problem and it turned out the problem was loose routing

the provider I had did not support it. I changed provider…

Il giorno 2 agosto 2018 @ 11:22:20, Daniel Grotti (dgrotti at sipwise.com) ha

start to have a look at the kamailio-lb.log and the kamailio-proxy.log in
order to understand why the call is drop.
As Jon suggested already, it could related to the missing ACK received from
the callee party.
The log (and a SIP trace with sngrep on SPCE) will help you to understand
where could be the problem.
Most likely SPCE does not receive the ACK at all from caller side.


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On 08/02/2018 06:22 AM, Alfirus Ahmad wrote:


I installed Sipwise CE at home for testing purpose. I'm using dynamic IP
and my router model is D-link model name: DIR-850L.

I already disable SIP Application Level Gateway (ALG) Configuration and set
DMZ to the Sipwise server.

User A inside LAN -- call -- User B inside LAN = Fine
User A outside LAN -- call -- User B inside LAN = 32 sec drop & can't do
video call
User A outside LAN -- call -- User B outside LAN = 32 sec drop & can't do
video call

Is there a solution? If need to change router, what model i should use? I
read setting STUN server can overcome the problem and how to do that in

Alfirus Ahmad


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