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Kevin Masse kmasse at questblue.com
Thu Mar 1 14:11:19 EST 2018

Hello Matt,

Is your FreePBX usng registration or IPAUTH?

There are multiple potential places where this could happen.

Does the ISP / MODEM have SIPALG or any kind of SIP Helper Enabled?  If yes, turn it off.
If the Modem is in bridge mode then make sure the router does not have any of this enabled.

Next, this depends on how you are configured.  IP Auth, or Registration.
I would need more information.

If you want to call in you can reach me at +1 919 443 1617


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Hello All,
I have a client in a remote office running FreePBX.  Several times a day calls will be rejected because they are 404 Offline.  I'm thinking this is because the system isn't registering quickly enough but I'm not sure.  Can someone give me some troubleshooting steps I should be taking?  Maybe increase the UDP timeout period on their router?  Thanks all for your help.

Enjoy the day!
Matt Schwinn
TCG Technologies LLC
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