[Spce-user] Regarding billing fees and billing zones

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pls check /var/log/ngcp/rate-o-mat.log




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This is my first post... :)


I am giving a try to SipWise C5 CE ( mr7.5.2 ), it looks simple and good, it have also a nice handbook that makes que setup and/or configuration a really easy task, but I am experiencing problems with the billing.


I tried both ways for the fees (uploading and typing directly on the WUI), unfortunately, it is impossible to me even make it bill a subscriber, to be honest I have no way to understand what I could be doing wrong.


These is the line of the fees I am actually testing



.,^506,out,CR_US,"Costa Rica and All",0.0015,6,0.0015,6,0.0015,6,0.0015,6,0,regex_longest_pattern


The outgoing calls are working fine, but at the CDRs the cost appears as "0.00" neither they show a Billing Zone


Please note I am dialing 506XXXXYYYY


Asking to see if someone had a similar problem in the past, if there are any other documentation or examples, any tips or directions would be helpful too


Thank you in advance

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