[Spce-user] rate-o-mat keeps dying with various errors mr7.5.x

Walter Klomp walter at myrepublic.net
Mon Oct 18 06:57:15 EDT 2021


I recently found out that one of my CE installations stopped rating for
quite some time.

I get errors like this:

WARNING: 88/100 - rating CDR ID 241611 aborted : FATAL: No contract balance
for CDR 241611 found
WARNING: 84/100 - rating CDR ID 242575 aborted : FATAL: No contract id
found for uuid '496ed34e-4ac6-466f-a0cb-0b6ef8e6726c’
INFO: 72/100 - rate CDR IWARNING: 1/100 - rating CDR ID 241455 aborted
 (retry 1): FATAL: No contract balance for CDR 241455 found

… and rate-o-mat stops after that at some point, instead of marking the
rating as failed and continuing.

How can I make rate-o-mat skip these errors and send me a warning instead?

Also, how do I fix these errors as I don’t see anything in the portal wrong.

Upgrading to lastest 7.5.10 doesn’t help.


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