[Spce-user] How to manage subscribers with administrative privileges from the new csc?

Henk henkpls at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 28 09:19:45 EDT 2022

Thank you!

One other question, why are menu's like SIP Call Flows active but not 
implemented for CE and how can I disable them?

Possible bugs:
- Prometheus displays the _mean_ value of Active Calls (I think it's not 
very usefull) and in System statistics the CPU graph is in 0.01%
- Database statistics with Prometheus isn't working, it is disabled in 
witnessd (I added mysql_check_replication = yes, it's not available from 

The Media Relay is a great addition!



On 28-Jun-22 14:12, Alex Lutay via Spce-user wrote:

> Dear Henk,
> The CSC page to manage other subscribers has not migrated to new CSC 
> yet. You can still access it using 'mixed' mode on new CSC:
>> ngcpcfg set /etc/ngcp-config/config.yml 
>> www_admin.http_csc.csc_js_enable=mixed
>> ngcpcfg apply "Enable CSC mixed mode"
> It will re-enable old Perl CSC UI which will be shown inside JS CSC 
> for administrative subscribers.
> Just note URLs for 'mixed' mode:
>> https://your.spce.com/    - will provide old Perl CSC UI (same as 
>> csc_js_enable=no)
>> https://your.spce.com/v2/ - will provide new JS CSC UI (like 
>> csc_js_enable=yes)
> Check your new CSC https://your.spce.com/v2/ under administrative 
> subscriber after enabling mixed mode.
> You are right, somehow it was lost in documentation.
> We will improve it. Thank you for the report!
> BTW, Sipwise is working to move all Perl UI pages to new UI,
> stay tuned and feel free to contribute us on GitHub:
> https://github.com/sipwise/ngcp-csc-ui
> https://github.com/sipwise/ngcp-admin-ui
> On 6/28/22 12:45, Henk wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I tested mr9.5.4 with the new csc, but for the user with admin 
>> privilege I cannot find a menu to manage other subscribers from the 
>> same customer (customer details).
>> Is this a setting which I have to change or not implemented? I cannot 
>> find anything about this in the release notes.
>> If not available, will this be implemented before the old menu will 
>> be disabled?
>> Regards,
>> Henk
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