[Spce-user] How to manage subscribers with administrative privileges from the new csc?

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Thu Jun 30 04:31:06 EDT 2022

Dear Henk,

See my inline reply:

On 6/28/22 15:19, Henk wrote:
> One other question, why are menu's like SIP Call Flows active but not 
> implemented for CE and how can I disable them?

It is a bug reported as TT#128902, WIP here.
"SIP Call Flows" is a PRO feature and should not be visible on CE.
Currently you cannot hide it, but the bug will be fixed soon due to high 

> Possible bugs:
> - Prometheus displays the _mean_ value of Active Calls (I think it's not 
> very usefull) and in System statistics the CPU graph is in 0.01%

I do not recall mr9.5 details a lot, but I do not see 'mean' usage in 
mr10.5 LTS we are currently preparing. Please node, mr10.5 lost
support of InfluxDB and supports Prometheus only. It allowed us to
clean code a lot and monitoring must consume a way less CPU now.

Please check mr10.5.1 LTS in a couple of weeks,
it is really promising!

> - Database statistics with Prometheus isn't working, it is disabled in 
> witnessd (I added mysql_check_replication = yes, it's not available from 
> config.yml).

Thank you for the report! The new MariaDB dedicated dashboard is 
approaching. The current one is focused on replication / PRO case,
as CE has not replication support built-in. The witnessd check
replication logic is for PRO, sure will do something for CE, but no 

> The Media Relay is a great addition!
Thank you! Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Alex Lutay

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